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Creative Sand Tube for Kids, Sand Kit with Shapes & Moulds, Beach Sand For Kids (200 Gram)

Creative Sand Tube for Kids, Sand Kit with Shapes & Moulds, Beach Sand For Kids (200 Gram)

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🏖️ Creative Sand Tube for Kids: Chanak's sand kit brings the beach indoors with a creative sand tube, complete with shapes and moulds for endless fun. The kit contains 200 grams of squeezable and easy-to-clean beach sand.

🎉 Sand Party at Home: Experience the joy of a sand party at home with Chanak's new creative sand tube, allowing kids to play for hours and unleash their creativity.

🔄 8 Types of Moulds: The set includes eight types of fun moulds, enabling kids to fill the sand and create various shapes, fostering imaginative play and limitless enjoyment.

🎨 Creative Play: Let kids explore their creativity and play imaginatively with this creative sand set, encouraging them to experiment with different shapes and structures.

🤸‍♂️ Activity for Kids: The creative sand tube is a captivating activity that keeps kids occupied for extended periods, providing a sensory and tactile experience.

👨‍👧 Parent-Child Interaction: This sand set becomes a delightful family activity, promoting quality time as both kids and parents engage in play with sand and shapes together.

🌈 Colourful and Non-Toxic: The plastic moulds are made from superior-quality ABS plastic and coloured with 100% non-toxic colours, ensuring the safety of the creative sand experience.

🧠 Skill Development: Playing with the sand stimulates creativity and enhances motor skills. It also develops hand-eye coordination and hands-on ability as kids mould and shape the sand.

⚠️ Safety First: While the plastic moulds and sand are safe, adult supervision is advised to ensure a safe and enjoyable creative sand play experience for the kids.

🏆 Imaginative Structures: With mouldable and shapeable sand, kids can use their imagination to create a variety of structures, making the creative sand tube an engaging and skill-building toy.

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