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1kg Creative Sand Box for Kids

1kg Creative Sand Box for Kids

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Product Description:-

Chanak 1kg Creative Sand Box 🏖️: Non-toxic, stain-free sand for indoor and outdoor kid activities.

Chanak 1kg Creative Sand Box for Kids - chanak

5 Large Moulds 🏰: Perfect for building fun shapes.

8 Small Moulds 🏖️: Ideal for intricate creations.

Mess-Free 🧼: Stain-free sand for stress-free play.

Creative Play 🎨: Sparks imagination.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun 🏡: Versatile entertainment.

Kid-Approved ⭐: Enjoy endless sand adventures with Chanak 1kg Creative Sand Box.

🏰 Variety of Moulds: With 5 large and 8 small moulds, kids can create a wide range of shapes and structures.

🌞 Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Whether it's a rainy day indoors or sunny outdoor play, this sand kit provides versatile entertainment.

This non-toxic, stain-free sand is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, offering endless fun and creativity for children.

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