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4 in 1 Animal Magnetic Puzzle & Sudoku

4 in 1 Animal Magnetic Puzzle & Sudoku

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"Animal Paradise: Sparking joy and curiosity in every piece."

Product Description:-

🐌4 in 1 Box: The set includes four different puzzles or activities in one box, providing variety and extended play value.

🐌Animal Paradise Theme: The puzzles feature various animals, making them educational and fun for children interested in wildlife.

🐌Magnetic Play Board: The set comes with a magnetic play board that holds the puzzle pieces securely, allowing for easier assembly and display.

Krija Animal Paradise 4 in 1 Magnetic Puzzle and Sudoku - 62 Pieces, 12 pcs + 20 pcs + 30 pcs + Sudoku

🐌Hook and Loop: The inclusion of hook and loop (Velcro) elements adds another interactive dimension to the puzzles.

🐌Sudoku with 16 Counters: The set includes a Sudoku puzzle with 16 counters, offering an additional educational activity to enhance logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

🐌Age Appropriateness: The puzzles are suitable for a specific age group, likely indicated on the packaging, making it easier for parents to choose the right product for their child's developmental stage.

"Let your child's imagination soar with Animal Paradise puzzles."

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