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📕Intelligence Book || Musical Educational Phonetic Learning Book 3 + Year Kids

📕Intelligence Book || Musical Educational Phonetic Learning Book 3 + Year Kids

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Product Description:-

📚Colorful audio interactive learning book: this book has multiple modes to help children learn alphabets and spellings. Every page has a button; please press the switch first to start the page. As a child presses the image on the book, the sound of the alphabet, the word and spelling are played.

📚Learning book for preschool to introduce the alphabet & numbers: Interactive pages play words, sounds, and facts upon touch. Press the light-up star for tunes like the Learning Friends theme song. The unique book interacts with kids through touch, aiding playful learning.

📚9 musical activities: Alphabet Letters & Numbers Recognize, Fruits Recognize, Animals Recognize, Vehicles Recognize, Family Relations, Musical Instruments Recognize, Songs and Famous Rhymes.

📚10 mind trick activities: Drawing, Clock Time Recognition, Number matching, fruie Match, Tick Right Occupation, Color & Shape Recognize, Color Paint Recognize, Measurement Game, Figure recognition etc.

Intelligence Book | Interactive Book -Musical English Educational Phonetic  Learning Book for 3 + Year Kids|Toddlers|Educational ABC and 123 E-Learning  Kids Electronic Activity Notebook : Toys & Games

📚Educational book with music & sound: Children are always captivated by good music. The toddler can listen to 5 music songs while reading this book. It Can develop kids' Imagination, Vision, and Self-Learning skills and also increase relationships.

📚Battery requirements: 3 AA Batteries (Not Included).

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